Official Demo for jquery.MyNewLink.js:
Description:The jquery plugin help you to decorate the new file / local link, to show user that the link are new. With the help of php file, you do not need to modify the html frequently. (This jquery plugin require a PHP file for accessing the last modify date, you can further modify the php file to support external link. For example, you can use curl for accessing remote link.)
Download: jquery.MyNewLink.js
License: MIT license
Plugin Author: KF Software House
PHP Code:
if (isset($_REQUEST["link"])) { $secInday = 86400; $link = $_REQUEST["link"]; if (file_exists($link)) { $sec = (time()-filemtime($link)); $days = $sec / $secInday; echo ceil($days); } else echo ""; }
jQuery Code:
$("a").MyNewLink(); $("a").MyNewLink({ newDayRange:14, appendHtml:'any html' });

File 1
File 2
File 3

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