Official Demo for jquery.MyDigitClock.js:
Description: This tiny jquery plugin help your to add digital clock(s) to you page, with simple animation effect. No images or flash is required. User can select the text, you can link it or modify using any html. Work with all major browsers (IE / FF / chrome / safari / opera).
Download: jquery.MyDigitClock.js
License: MIT license
Plugin Author: KF Software House
Hosted at: github

jQuery Code:
$(function(){ $("#clock1").MyDigitClock(); $("#clock2").MyDigitClock({ fontSize:50, fontFamily:"Century gothic", fontColor: "#000", fontWeight:"bold", bAmPm:true, background:'#fff', bShowHeartBeat:true }); $("#clock3").MyDigitClock({ fontSize:150, fontColor:"grey", background:"#fff", fontWeight:"bold", timeFormat: '{HH}:{MM}'} ); });

If you like it, you can have it for free. Also, please give me a "like". Thanks!

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