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Network Monitor Mini
  • Thank you for choosing Network Monitor Mini (8-6-2013)

Network Monitor Mini show live traffic statistics (upload and download speed) for you android devices. It show the data rate for last second so that you know the traffic flow (WiFi/3G/4G) of your phone or tablet at anytime. It is highly configurable, you can set custom size, font family, font size, color and location of your readings.

Pro version support more features such as hide readings when there is no traffic and exclusion apps list. Upgrade to Pro version to support our app.

download android remote server

If your reading CANNOT DISPLAY COMPLETELY, you can ENABLE "Custom Size" function and set your preferred width and height. Please make sure that there is enough for displaying the speed. The app do not automatically adjust the width and height.

Touch throgh function allow you to interact with anything that overlapped with the overlay. Otherwise, your action will be blocked. If you are using a large font for display, please make sure you also turn on this feature.

If you do use your own fonts, please make sure that you do not use a large font file (*.ttf / *.otf) (some Asian characters fonts could be over 10MB, which is not preferred).

PRO Users: TURN ON Auto Hide function to hide the reading when there is no traffic. It will give you more room for display.

PRO Users: Sometimes you don't want to display the speed for a specific app, you can use the Exclusion List function (Hide for Apps) to eliminate the readings for selected apps.

PRO Users: TURN ON Custom Location function to set location manually for portrait mode and landscape mode separately.