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Sound App for Android
  • Thank you for choosing Sound App (11-6-2013)

This app set notification sound for various system events. The events includes screen on / off, system startup, system shutdown, external power connected / disconnected, headphone plugged in / out, WiFi connected, screen orientation change etc. It will also make your device much cooler and unique by setting notification sound for some events.

Pro version support more features settings and it is ad-free. Upgrade to Pro version to support our app.

* Sound file is NOT provided. You are suggested to download sound files from here:
Search in Google.com (android+notification+sound+download)

You can also download apps from Google Play which change turn sound files to notification sounds, so that you can select it for various events.

download android remote server

If your device do come with a default sound for some events such as "External Power Connected", please do NOT set the sound for this event. Otherwise, two sounds will be overlapped.

You can configure each Event with a notification sound, with its own volume level. If you want to set the volume globally, please turn ON "Use Same Volume" function.

Please set a short notification sound for any event, and it should not be too long (no longer than 2 sec). Most importantly, it should not repeat itself. If you do set a long sound, you can press "Stop Sound" button to stop the playback.

Make sure you do set the notification sound and it is not set to NONE. Otherwise, there will be no sound for the event.